First time using the new GoPro Hero 6! Lee's Way Down Avon, Colorado

This is my first ride with the new GoPro Hero 6. Yes, I already have a video of this trail (Lee's Way Down, Avon Colorado) but I wanted something quick to test the new GoPro Hero 6 on.

Shot in 4k60FPS with Karma Grip.

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PB&J to Wyse Way Avon, CO

Raw video from PB&J trail and Wyse Way trail in Avon, CO. PB&J is a beginner flow trail that provides an opportunity for beginners to practice cornering. Wyse Way isn't a technical or challenging trail by any means, but some exposure on the upper part of the trail gives it a sense of difficulty. Hopefully this gives you an idea of what the trails are like!

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Alpen Tour Trophy Stage 1 2017

Raw footage from stage one of the Alpen Tour Trophy in Austria. With the audio up you can hear me talking to Matt, myself, or other riders. 

58km, 2800m

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Austria | Mountains, Bikes, and Waterslides

First three days in Austria with Matt Turner, ft. his cousin. Big hikes, technical slippery trails, and a mini water park.

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Wasatch 360 | Park City

First part of the month long trip. Drove to Park City on the 28th. Matt Turner and I raced the Wasatch 360 (6 hour duo race) the next day and won. On the 30th Matt and I did intervals the with some Summit Devo kids. On the 31st we packed, did a short road ride, and prepped for Austria. Tomorrow we travel!

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